Looking after collectors since 2012

Cockatoo Coins began its journey back in early 2012, after purchasing many coins for our personal collections we came to the realisation that unfortunately not all coin dealers are equal. Cleaned coins, overgrading and over valuing were common throughout the professional dealers and amateur sellers.

We decided at that time to use the knowledge we had gained, often through the expensive lessons learned to provide a service to the coin collecting community. To sell quality coins guaranteed to be free from problems, whether the coin is graded by PCGS or sold raw in a 2x2 we will never pass on our mistakes to our customers.

What you will buy from us are specially selected coins, we may go through many thousands of coins each year to find an example both worthy of grading and also putting our reputation behind. 

We have  a sound knowledge of whats available on the market for specific years and when an example is a shining pillar among grade equals. Throughout our listings our prices are very competitive, on occasion however a price may seem higher than expected, it is these coins which a true numismatist should pay special attention to. For often these coins are not your ordinary examples