PCGS Grading

2020 Cockatoo Coins PCGS Submission Pricing Structure

Due to price increases at PCGS there will be some slight changes to PCGS grading costs as a result.

Express Service - $25,000 value max - $100 per coin

Regular Service - $4,000 value max - $60 per coin

Economy Service - $400 value max - $40 per coin

Modern Service - $1000 value max - $35 per coin

Error Service - $115ea Minimum of 5 coins required.


Express and Regular submissions include all coins, Economy is Non-Gold only, Modern is 1965 onwards and Non-Gold.

All services excluding modern come with PCGS trueview images.


Return Shipping is via Express Post at $15 per submission level.


Insurance is optional but if required is charged at 2% of the declared value, this only covers your coins once in our possession, posting them to us is at your risk. If you wish to add insurance please inform us prior to invoicing otherwise you will not be covered.


Please send your coins in Mylar 2.5 x 2.5 inch flips, no sticky tape, writing or staples on the flips, if you don’t have any that’s alright however we have to charge an additional $1 per coin to rehouse them if required.


As for the grading times we do our best to get submissions on their way to PCGS on a monthly basis so check with us when the next one is going to avoid any extra wait. Once your coins are with PCGS we have no control over the time a submission takes so please be patient. Submissions have taken from 1 month to 6 months historically.


Please ensure you include your name, return address, contact email/phone, a full list of coins included and a declared value per coin in with the package, once received they will be checked against your list for discrepancies and invoiced prior to submission to PCGS.


We do our best to identify problem coins (details grade) prior to submission however we don't always have the time to go through them in detail so if you wish for a pre-grading inspection of coins and a grade estimate with what we think they will get we are happy to do this for $5 per coin.


Address for submissions is

Geoff Heidemann
PO Box 431
Temora NSW 2666

2020 PCGS Submission Form Download