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Verdi-Care Coin Conservation Fluid 15ml

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At last a modern alternative to using oil and harsh solvents on coins! Coin conservationists have used oil on coins for hundreds of years. Coin conservationists have used solvents for decades. However, oils contain trace amounts of impurities that can actually act to damage a coin's surface over time and solvents may harm or strip the patina. Also, oils are difficult to remove, slowly degrade, allow moisture to get to the surface and may have negative health effects. Oils are ‘old school’ and have primarily been used because there was no other choice. It’s time to move into the 21st century with a modern-day, alternative that utilizes the latest advances in chemical technology and coin conservation science.

VERDI-CARE™ is designed to work on all metal coin surfaces: gold, silver, copper, brass, etc. No more trial and error, no more guesswork, no more worries. VERDI-CARE™ is safe, gentle and effective as a surface debris remover. VERDI-CARE™ allows collectors to conserve their coins and not strip them clean of luster and original patina. There is a big difference between conservation and cleaning. With VERDI-CARE™ you can be sure not to cross that line due to its safe and gentle nature. Your coins will be conserved, not cleaned. Problems like light surface residue, verdigris and corrosion can now be addressed without resorting to expensive, third-party conservation services.

  • No more trying several different chemicals hoping that one of them will fix the problem!
  • No more long months of oil or chemical soaking!
  • No more crying over a ruined coin!

For Protection VERDI-CARE™ utilizes a 2-stage system surface. Closest to the surface, the ReAcT2™ ingredient forms a semi-permanent bond with metal. This layer provides heavy-duty, advanced corrosion protection and is only molecules thick. It is completely invisible and will last virtually forever. The second (upper) layer is an advanced, water-soluble, surface-conditioning, polymeric layer that will repel atmospheric contaminants, enhance luster and improve, not strip, the patina.