2023 $2 14-Coin Collection - 35th Anniversary of the Two Dollar Coin

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2023 heralds 35 years since the introduction of Australia’s two dollar coin
in 1988. To mark the occasion, the Royal Australian Mint has produced
this stunning fourteen-coin collection featuring a selection of
commemorative designs that have appeared on the reverse of Australia’s
circulating two dollar coins. This uncirculated collection celebrates our
nation’s numismatic history.
The two dollar coin was first introduced into general circulation in 1988,
Australia’s Bicentenary year. Replacing the two dollar note due to its
short circulatory lifespan, the size and format of the two dollar coin was
determined after considering the needs of the visually impaired
community, security requirements, and a desire to avoid shaped coins,
amongst many other considerations.
Since its introduction, the designs that have appeared on Australia’s
circulating two dollar coins have honoured many historical and culturally
important Australian stories. The first of many commemorative
circulating two dollar designs was released in 2012 with the striking
Remembrance Day poppy coin.


Limited to 1 per customer, we dont have alot of these so they will sell out fast