2024 $5 Proof 1oz Silver High Relief Coin - Koala

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Koala, among the most recognisable of Australia’s distinctive native
animals, features on the Royal Australian Mint’s new gold and silver
coins, minted exclusively for Emporium Hamburg for European investors
and collectors.
Koalas inhabit eastern and southern Australian coastal regions, living
mostly on eucalyptus leaves. Disease and loss of habitat has reduced
populations and Koalas are now classed as vulnerable
When Europeans first settled in Australia, they marveled at the unusual
native animals, among them were Koalas; which they incorrectly
described as a bear. Koalas were of course well known to indigenous
peoples who hunted them for food.
Hunting for skins for export in the 19th and early 20th centuries led to a
population decline, prompting perhaps Australia’s first large-scale
environmental response. Once ranked as a least concern species, Koalas
are now classed as vulnerable and are fully protected under Australian
environmental law.
An elegant Rough Toothed Dolphin is depicted on the Royal Australian
Mint’s new Silver High Relief Proof and Gold Investment Coins which
show the creature, mouth open to show off its unusual teeth, against a
background of the sun on the horizon


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